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                     About our photographs
This website was planned primarily to share our love of gardening and photography. Our photos were shot with the Olympus 340L digital camera, and most all of these in the standard resolution to save downloading time. File sizes for the full screen (640 x 480) pictures average around 60K. They should come to you in a dozen seconds at 28.8, real quick with 56K and downright SCARY with an ISDN or cable modem. In the photo album you will find two formats for viewing pics. Clicking the thumbnails will load the larger image which you can then right click and "set as wallpaper" if you want to. If you click a film strip, you will see related images strung together in a smaller (320x240) format. The film strip icon does NOT mean you will see a movie! The film strips will allow you to view many more images in less time. New images will be added frequently. Stop by often!
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