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Oct. 22, 1999
        Update!      Using new software for the web pages and will be most likely making a mess of things for a while. Will be going over all of the pages in the next few weeks in hopes of making them load faster but I'm also toying with the idea of a completely new interface.  I'm testing with the three main browsers, IE5, Netscape 4.x, and Opera 3.6 (my favorite) but if you experience weird-looking pages with YOUR browser, please email me - let me know what's wrong and what browser release you are using.


Apr. 21, 1999
          Updates!      Reworked the color scheme on the homepage a little.  I hoped I've reduced some eyestrain!

Added a great web based search engine called Google!  You can do all your searching right from our  site  now.  Google uses  unique search algorithms that can eliminate much of the "junk"  returned by the others. Find what you want faster and easier with Google.

Two New Pages!  A "stuff to do while visiting Smallwood Garden" page was added using the film strip background. Some of the frames have links to areas that are available nowhere else. While some of the  links  are redundant with the buttons,  a better description of what the link does can be given. Garden theme graphics page can be accessed from here too.  Get some "stuff" for your own pages. Will be adding to it constantly and will probably have to break the page in several pieces as the loading times increase.
Mar. 27, 1999
          Forum update!     Our forum on Delphi has undergone a major upgrade. Besides the fancy new face they've put on the site, they've improved the message handling ,   chat areas and beefed up the servers for faster response too!  We're meeting some  friendly people there, so if you haven't ventured to the forum it today.  It only takes a minute to sign on as a forum user and you can begin posting right away. Join us!
More forum news 3/28 - Found some bugs in the new system and reported them.  Was promised all will be fixed soon and they asked for us to please bear with them! I figured it was too good to be true... IF you have trouble entering the forum -- use the button on the HOME page or here. Yep, they've gone and changed the URL on us! It will take me a while to get all the forum links updated.

       Greeting Cards       
Something I saw while out and about on the web that I thought you might enjoy.  The E-cards are a great way to send a friend a note with a personal touch.  I thought it would be  a great way to send some flower pics to fellow gardeners, so I'll be adding photos to the already over 200 cards available now as we go along... so check the card database frequently.

      News TIcker!     
 Added a little java applet to display news feeds from many popular news sources on the web. You can click  any of the ticker blurbs to  read all about it. There's even one that pops up for us that will bring you right here to read our news!
Mar. 17, 1999
         Shopping Online    Stained glass stepping stones for sale now --for those not inclined to "mush the concrete and crack the glass." Click Garden Shop! Etera Perennials now online! Trying to find the right plant for that bare spot? Etera Perennials guarantees success. All credit card sales are processed by remote secure servers!!
Mar. 11, 1999
         Photo Feature    Lot's of photos of our visit to the 1999 Phila. Flower Show, the better shots with thumbs for larger viewing & the rest in a film strip.  Hey!  We're having a birthday tomorrow! The website is 2 months young!
    Mar. 04, 1999
          New Search     See something or read something here before but can't remember where you saw it? Click the search button  and enter keywords.  The entire site has been indexed and you'll easily find that page or article!
  More New Stuff    More books online. Your emails are always welcome, but for anyone else who has this question--you are NOT ordering books from ME. I do not see your credit card number. All book sales are handled AT b&n on their SECURE server.  Hope you find the books you are looking for.    More FilmStrips added!